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kkamjongiie; so much talent in this one. seriously. he has so so much charisma and i can really tell he was born for the stage. and the fact that he still remains the ever dorky shy 19 year old kim jongin melts my kororo ;_; like even tho he has one of the largest fanbases in exo, he doesn’t come off as arrogant. mainly because he doesn’t care… well im sure he does, just not as much. you know why? because he loves to dance. he dances with his heart, not his body. happy 19th birthday kim jongin! x


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     I think Suho is the most goodlooking member out of EXO-K. I mean if you were to base it one whose features just scream drop dead handsome? Then no doubt it goes to out guardian angel. Suho’s features are very warm-looking at the same time a tad bit sophisticated. Like there can be times he’s so gentle and soft, but there are also times he’s serious.
     And he has one of the most angelic smiles in EXO. Seriously. I never saw a person smile like an angel until I saw Suho, Luhan and Baekhyun. Never ever in my life.
    And Suho is seriously very very very kind. I’ve read so much fan accounts of him being so polite - bowing to every single fan he sees - and kind. And I can see that he really is. Not just for his members to say he’s the most caring leader ever on interviews or something; but because he really is. 
   Best word to describe grandpa Suho? The perfect gentleman.
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     The best quality that this derp face attains is his laugh. When he laughs, I see a kid so happy and I see his eyes glow. Not his weird eye twitching laugh/smile but his natural one. His eyes emit a very warm and happy glow and it makes me smile.
    And I’m really happy that someone like Chanyeol is placed in EXO. Because being an idol is really very hard, not to mention tiring too. You often get cranky all the time from lack of sleep and you’ll also feel so tired from having to constantly move all around the world. And amidst all that moving, you also have to deal with very bright lights flashing all around you, getting squished by the fans and having to deal with people who think they can do so much better than you. I think the car rides to their schedules is very silent as the members are savoring the peace and quiet time to rest and I think it’s also very gloomy. That’s why I’m glad Chanyeol and Baekhyun are there to lighten up the mood. They get tired but atleast they still manage to make the members smile. They make idol life bearable, lighter.
     Best word to describe Chanyeollie? The one who laughs like a kid. <3
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Okay, SeStal.

So, um, how do I begin to say this.. um, I can’t say I ship them. It’s cause I don’t. Well, not whole-heartedly atleast. Because I’m a Sehun-biased EXOtic, I seriously think Sehun is the most handsome boy SM has ever casted. (lol siwon who?) Seriously. And then even before EXO debuted, I always thought of Krystal as this arrogant American teenager/bitch. But there was no denying it, she was a godess. She may not have the personality, but man Jung Krystal has the looks.

And putting them next to each other? omfg i don’t even want to dare look. Cause I  know I’ll start fangirling and die right on the spot. Their perfection is seriously too much. It’s overwhelming.

And their similarities added to the list? Man I can’t even.. uhh my feels. Their both the maknaes from their respective groups. They were both born on the same year, 1994. They’re both still 17. They’re both the main images. They’re both still teenagers. Let’s face it, they were born for each other.

He’s a prince; she’s a princess.

He’s a god; she’s a godess.

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Our Guardian Angel <33 He looks so young and handsome in this pic. When I first saw him in the History MV (during the first part when they have like 3 seconds of solo frame), I thought he was American. O__O hahaha. Anyway, I like Suho cause I find him really good-looking :) He has soft features which make him look all gentleman-ish :)

Overall, he’s one of those boy-next-door types which makes my knees go weak.

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Kyungsoooo <3 I don’t like the fact that not many people choose him as their bias. He’s my 2nd bias in K :) Because, like, seriously, his voice is asdfghjkl <33 Especially in the I. AM OST, I kept repeating his and Luhan’s part. Okay, fine, let’s be real, at first yeah he didnt’t stand out that much. But hear him sing and and you’ll zskjhbndjfrev <33333 And the video of him wearing a wifebeater while practicing Histoy for SMTown Taiwan - OMFG MY FEELS. MY OVARIES BOOM BOOM. My heart.. just.. yeah.

And I really like multi-talented people. And next to maknae, D.O’s the next main dancer. And he’s not that bad. 

Overall, he makes my heart melt with his voice and talent <3

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Baekhyun can be so cute/adorable and hot/sexy at the same time! Without eyeliner he is just like another “middle school” student. But with eyeliner he can be such a smexy cutie <3 He’s also a very hardworking person. Once, he threw up before a live performance, but he still shared his best smile to the audience. And when the fire cracker thing went to his eyes by accident, he still insisted on finishing the entire song. I just love his everything. His voice, his body, his aegyo, his smile, his fingers, everything.

사랑해 BACON <3

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Maknae Tao ~ okay. it’s tao. okay. im cool. yeah, okay. so huang zitao? sensitive maknae. and he really behaves like it. he does aegyo and everything. and some when i saw him crying, omg i swear like srsly my feels were like ASDFGHJKL and when i found a gif of it, i like stared at it for a good 5 minutes or so. because he looked so genuinely touched and moved by the fans. some maknaes don’t act like this. sehun doesn’t cry. kyuhyun is evil. lol, hahaha. anyway, my feels for this guy is just unexplainable. he just.. asdchbtjhv yeah. and he knows wushu! and he’s frikin’ awesome at it. so like he’s really different. he can kick ass but he cries to duizhang for help.

overall, i love huang zitao because of his sensitivity as the maknae <3

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Omg Chen. <3 He’s so so so so handsome. His face has sharp features that just screams handsome. His face is different because at first glance, you can really say ‘woah. okay, handsome’.

And omg his jawline is perffff <3

AND I SHIP CHEN WITH EXO-M’S TRANSLATOR! I don’t care if I’m weird I ship them! Seriously. In Extraordinary Class Part 1, the MC motioned for the translator to not hide in the back cos’ she was so pretty. She became shy but EXO-M still gestured for her to go to the back. They even gave her some space. All of them gestured but only Chen really pushed her to go infront. And I played that part 6 times to see each member’s reactions and I wasn’t mistaken. Only Chen really pushed her forward. The others gestured yeah but only Chen <3 And then I observed Chen afterwards, he gave her a thumbs-up! LIKE WHAT WAS THAT. 

But, aww, TransChen! <3 \m/

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Omfg. Seriously? Do I need to explain this? I mean, come on, he’s Kris Friggin’ Wu. He’s like the Siwon of EXO. And that’s saying something. But okay, fine.

Okay. Here it is. I love Kris because… well, duh, he’s Wu Fan. He’s so hot. Like seriously. He pulls off that death aura or something. I mean, that’s my first impression of him. But when I saw fancams and interviews of him, he’s a real softie <3 Especially when it comes to his members. He seems so caring and affectionate inside that soft heart. Yeah, he may not look like it.

And his smile <33333 ASDFGHJKL MAH FREAKIN’ OVARIES. He doesn’t smile that much often, which I absolutely hate cos’ he has a gorgeous smile.

And he’s a six footer. That’s so abnormally tall for his age compared to other SM artists. Siwon, the tallest in SJ, is actually just the same height as Tao, the youngest in M. Krisus is the second tallest SM artist next to Changmin of TVXQ.

And he’s quadringual (?) wth is that even a word? But yeah he’s verbally perfect.

And his freakin’ deep voice? Don’t even get me started. And as an added bonus, he’s still very young. Taeyeon, SNSD’s leader, is older than him. He’s still 21 ~ (Taetae is 23)

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